Monkey Boners in Mae Rim* and Songkran in Chiang Mai

*also the title of my next porn release

Songkran:  sǒŋ.krāːn Thai New Year celebration that marks the end of the dry season in April.  The three day festival is celebrated by throwing shit tons of water at everyone anywhere on the street regardless of age, gender, clothing or any other possible discriminating factor except pregnancy and monkhood.  

By Risa Chu THAILAND (If It’s There, I’ll Do It) – After a full day of enduring wooden butt I was ready to stretch my legs, walk the streets and start celebrating Songkran.  Instead, I ended up getting back on the bitch seat with the stranger from the train and going for a tour of the countryside of Mae Rim, a town an hour or so away from Chiang Mai.  On the 6 hour scooter ride, we got lost in farming villages, tried to identify mystery fruits, and saw elephants, and monkeys and cocks – oh my! Continue reading “Monkey Boners in Mae Rim* and Songkran in Chiang Mai”